Mehr slots plugin

mehr slots plugin

Bukkit Plugin FakeSlots [German/HD] Unendlich Slots auf jedem Minecraft Server In diesem. Unlimited Players is a plugin which allows you to have more slots. As an example if your hosting service only allows 12 you can now have as much as you like (it. Mit dem Bukkit / Spigot Plugin Slotz können euren VIP´s im auf euren Minecraft Bukkit Ser Dieses. Dann soll er sich einen hoster suchen der unlimited slots anbietet gibt es wie sand am meer sind aber nicht so gut wie NITRADO LG Pascal. This plugin changes the maximal online player amount, without looking at or without changing the serverconfig. After you have changed something restart or reload the server. DO NOT NEVER LINK THIS DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY! Es gab mal Vielleicht gibt es das auch noch..

Mehr slots plugin Video

Mehr Slots bei Nitrado? 1.10 Clawshot To be honest I don't really care, if they are happy because of that I'm fine: This plugin is a Trojan horse to allow griefers to take control of your server. Use with caution while untested! This can be used to have Slots under a 8 Slots Nitrado Account with a single jar. Go to the top of the page. This plugin sends some anonymous statistics to MCStats. Damals wurde auch drüber diskutiert und soweit ich das mitbekommen habe hat Nitrado das Plugin verboten. mehr slots plugin The most hosters with slots do not allow something like. Das Thema wurde schon oft angesprochen. JaackMC Yeah that's what it's made for: Former Support Guru and bukkit admin, master of the I-have-little-time-so-I-drive-by-post style. There are no commands everything is setup using the config. This plugin is a Trojan horse to allow griefers to take control of your server. To use all features of this page, you should consider registering. Coming soon Prereleases are here: PLEASE FOLLOW NITRADO TUTORIAL! If you are already registered, please login here. So ist es absolut gleichgültig wieso ein User fragt. Searching for new pre-releases?



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